Friday, January 1, 2010

The Emo Hairstyle for Trend 2010

The Emo Hairstyle for Trend 2010

This year the emo style look has slowly dominated the fashion world, particularly among the younger generation. From their skinny jeans to their thick eyeliners and even their hairstyles, the emo look has been viewed by many teenage girls as a means to look fashionable and casual while still showcasing a bit of their wild side.
Emo haircuts for girls are extremely versatile in the sense that they are able to exude a variety of different personalities, all of which make the emo girl unique. On one hand, the razor and angular cuts used to create different emo haircuts for girls and the addition of bangs and fringes can make any plain Jane look like a captivating angel that everyone wants to be around with and be friends with. On the other hand, the edginess and the deep jet black hair color often used for emo hairstyles makesteenage girls appear independent, strong and someone that you should not mess around with emo girls
The widespread popularity of emo haircuts for girls has led to the creation of a number of variations apart from the classic jet black look. One of the trends now for emo haircuts is the use of chunky highlights and lowlights consisting mostly of browns and blondes. In many cases, teenage girls would often ask their hairstylist to leave some sections of their natural light brown hair or blonde hair to serve as highlights before dying their hair into a rich black hair color.
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