Monday, January 4, 2010

Picnica Tote by Deidre Woollard

Picnica Tote by Deidre Woollard

This bag not exactly a luxury handbag but they don't get much cuter than this handbag. The nylon bag hides inside a toy rabbit when not in use. When expanded the lightweight tote has enough room for a few groceries, books and more with the bunny riding along the side. When you are done it turns back into the floppy bunny. What a fun way to avoid using disposable plastic bags! It comes in orange or gray.
Eco bags are a necessity these days, so why not make it a fashionable crusade as well? The Picnica Tote Bag is both cute and ecological, with a good-sized shopping bag hiding away inside an adorable rabbit. Now carrying an eco bag can fashionable at any time, not just during the purchase! Once expanded, the bunny hangs on the side of the bag just waiting to be used again.
this cute little bunny is the perfect companion when you need to run errands! he's cleverly storing a light-weight nylon bag inside of him, suitable for holding anything you need to carry from the market (carrots are good), library (runaway bunny is a favorite) or anyplace that gives out those pesky plastic bags. he can turn back into your bunny when you're done.
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