Monday, December 28, 2009

Hamburger Dress:artist Joy Kampia O'Shell

Hamburger Dress:artist Joy Kampia O'Shell

Hamburger dress is very unique, its combine between fashion and food. This inspired by artist Joy Kampia O'Shell. This special sauce-y dress is hilarious and brilliant, which is just what O'Shell wants. She states the following on her Website:

Because I enjoy the irony between subject matter and material, I have merged my favorite subject matter (food) with my favorite process (crochet). I love food too much to be satisfied with its transience; therefore I am driven to give it permanence through art. I am a passionate advocate for crochet as an art medium -- going beyond its traditional uses and exploring its limitless possibilities. By taking both food and crochet out of their ordinary settings, I hope to challenge the viewer's preconceived notions of their roles. And I hope it makes people hungry.

The burger dress is awesome and all, but the sun is shining and we're coming off a long weekend, so we're thinking we might have to make a mid-afternoon change into the ice cream sundae dress.
via : stylelist