Monday, December 28, 2009

Rafe Freida Crystal Clutch, Handbag of the Day

Rafe Freida Crystal Clutch, Handbag of the Day
This handbag is very elegant, Rafe create all clutches cute and glamorous to create this sun patterned Freida clutch. At first seen handbag is glance like a smooth metal mesh exterior is actually a simple glossy snakeskin. The beige-gold color just continues this effect, and I think this is a great and good looking twist on the traditionally mouthy snakeskin pattern.

Subtle and remarkably sophisticated as the background may be, Rafe have clearly opted for something a bit more fun with the studded decoration. A fanning pattern that resembles a sun will probably be a popular choice. I think, the colour scheme is subtle yet clearly still suitable for evening wear.

Inside, and considering the useful optional handle, this is a functional purse. This pretty purse is just that, as well as being neatly on trend for studding!
via : bagbunch