Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ivana Trump removed from Palm Beach Plane

Ivana Trump removed from Palm Beach Plane

Ivana Trump was reportedly dragged off a flight headed to New York City on Saturday afternoon at Palm Beach International Airport. The first ex-wife of billionaire Donald Trump was removed from the plane because she screamed and cursed at children. After that she was asked to voluntarily leave the plane, refused, and was physically removed by deputies. The incident led to a two-hour stoppage of the flight.

she was angry because children were "running up and down the aisle and screaming." The article goes on to say that flight attendants tried to calm her down by offering her another seat and headphones but she only became more upset.

The plane was about to exit gate C1 when the incident occurred. The departing jet’s pilot decided to pull back to the gate and called the deputies for help, terming the rowdy traveler a “foul-mouthed and unruly passenger in seat 1C, in first class.”

“Everyone was leaning into the aisle, trying to get a good look, saying how crazy she was, and annoyed at how she was delaying the flight,” said a passenger.