Monday, December 28, 2009

Make-Better New Year's Tips by Joe Zee

Make-Better New Year's Tips by Joe Zee

Zee have big plans for 2010. Resolutions are always easier to make than to follow through on. He is sure that this year could be different! However, when it comes to fashion, some things just seem unfathomable. It’s almost easier for him to forgo solid food and hit the gym seven times a week than to put on a bright pink shirt. Yes, style resolutions are a whole other ball game.
He, the self-anointed Fashion Knight in Gucci-black armor, am now here to help. Consider this my first resolution: He will dispense chic solutions for fashion resolutions.

Zee said for resolution solution: I would say you’re either a thrift store junkie or your mom is Liza Minnelli. Either way, I love that you have nothing but crazy prints and sequins. My advice here is do not abandon your cool personal style. You don’t need khakis or blue jeans just to conform. Instead, choose classic items that can be worn on many occasions and still retain all the fun you look for in clothes. The key is silhouettes: For example, go for a fitted blouse or opt for a tweed skirt over tweed bell-bottoms. And mixing it all together will still keep your stylish personal signature.

Marina wears: Marc Jacobs jacket; Rena Lang blouse; Oscar de la Renta skirt; Chanel booties
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