Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shearling coat for the fashion choice

The last year, people rethink shearling as a fashion choice.
Shearling Coats stylish enough to wear in the city, they are comfortable, lightweight, warm and extremely functional.

There’s nothing like a frigid day to ruin your coat style. All the clever layering, chic scarves,
and general sense of looking great in the cold is gone once the winter chill starts to really kick in. Shearling coats are a fantastic option but for the last few years it is all too common for them to get a bad design rap.

They are the typically stylishly forgotten items left to “sheepskin and leather” emporiums in affluent ski towns. The coats with the shawl collars, narrow shoulders, and oddly oversized armholes, usually in a shade of melted chocolate.